Are you tired of average results from your talent acquisition strategies? It is no secret that many of the systems utilized today (internal and external) fail to capitalize on quality talent who can truly provide value for your company. The resulting costs can be astronomical (miss-placed hires, high turnover, high overhead and lost productivity). With the tight labor market we are seeing today, you may ask yourself how we can provide anything better.
Well, here is what we do for you: we expertly navigate the complexities of finding, attracting, qualifying, hiring and helping you retain the cream of the crop. These are the top 5-10% of individuals who consistently perform and drive organizational success. They are leaders seeking new challenges and expanding responsibilities with forward thinking organizations.
So ask yourself: are you seeing this level of top talent today? If not, we need to talk.
Our clients and our candidates expect more from us. You engage with us to deliver real and sustainable results. That is why we place the highest value on honesty and integrity. We ask and we listen before we act. We hold ourselves accountable! This is, after all, a collaborative effort between your team and ours offering a productive platform where great organizations, top talent and great opportunities connect.
At GRN of St. Louis we focus on senior level and executive positions with the flexibility to engage your critical positions throughout your organization. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs.